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Nowruz No War

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Children’s Prayer for a peaceful New Year

thamChildren’s Prayer for a peaceful New Year

Tehran Peace Museum , 11 march 2012

As we are getting close to 20 March, the Nowruz celebration (which marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in Iranian calendar) The Tehran peace museum was host of a beautiful ceremony called: “Children’s Prayer for a peaceful New Year” .

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International students of Tehran University visited Tehran Peace Museum



Groups of international students of Tehran University visited Tehran Peace Museum on 09 and 10 February2012. During their visits, the student visitors who are studying various majors such as law, medicine etc., exchanged their opinions and expressed their own view points.

Spokesman of Iran Foreign ministry visitedTehran Peace Museum



Mr Mehmanparast, Spokesman of the foreign ministry of iran visited Tehran Peace Museum and met with it's members on 01 February 2012. In this friendly meeting which lasted over two hours, they talked on issues such as peace museums worldwide and the society for chemical weapons victims support(SCWVS) activities,

he also listened to eye witness accounts of some survivors of chemical weapons atacks who are volunteering for the peace museum. Mr Mehmanparast appreciated the efforts of the founders of the first Peace Museum in Iran and emphasized on the roots of peace in Iranian culture.

Ceremony to deliver the prize of the selected award winner of "Hiroshima Peace International drawing Competition for Children"


In a ceremony at Tehran Peace Museum, the prize of Hida Bahmani, the award winner of the Hiroshima Peace drawing Competition, delivered to her with the presence of some of her family members and teachers. In addition of the prize and certificate of honor from Hiroshima Peace Museum - signed by mayor ofHiroshima- , Tehran Peace Museum also gave the twelve years old Hida some extra awards too.

this competition is held annually in Hiroshima and  Iranian children / youth who want to participate in this contest can send their art works to Tehran Peace Museum to be delivered to the secretariat inHiroshima.


Finish Under-Secretary of State Mr. Jaakko Laajava Visited Tehran Peace Museum


On 16 January 2012 members of Tehran Peace Museum,  and some  members of PSR-Iran (Iranian affiliate of International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW) had a meeting with Finish Under-Secretary of State for foreign and security policy Mr. Jaakko Laajava who has been appointed by UN Secretary General as the facilitator for the 2012 conferenceon on Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone -MENWFZ.


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Iran's Foreign minister Visited Tehran Peace Museum



Dr Aliakbar Salehi,minister of foreign affairs of iran visited Tehran Peace Museum on 24 November 2011.

During his two hours visit he also had a meeting with founders and volunteers of the Peace Museum and listened to a report on international activities of the museum as well as disarmament, ant-Nuclear weapons activities and international exchange programsof the Peace museum.

Dr.Salehi expressed his admiration to the survivors of chemical weapons attacks who are volunteering for the peace museum as guides to share their experience with young generation and raise awareness about danger of WMD despite their suffering and health problems, he also wished that by efforts of peace museums and other civil society organizations we will never witness human tragedies like atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as chemical attacks against Irans.