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Report: Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare

29Ap2013 An observance on "Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare" was held in Tehran Peace Museum on Monday 29 April 2013.

Survivors of chemical warfare and their families, war veterans, representatives of NGOs and international organizations as well as officials were among the participants of the ceremony.

Statements by Iranian vice president, UN Secretary General and the OPCW Director General were read during the program.

Mr. Mohamadi a survivor of chemical warfare, delivered a message on behalf of CW victims and wished for abolition of chemical weapons and all WMD.

At the end of the program, an Olive tree was planted in front of the Peace museum as the symbol of peace and non-violence.

To see the photos of the event click here.

Ban:Until the Convention is universal and the last stockpiles have been destroyed, our debt to the victims of chemical warfare will remain unpaid.


The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his message on the "Day of remembrance for all victims of Chemical Warfare" which was delivered to the Tehran Peace Museum's memorial ceremony on 29 April 2013 by the head of UNIC in Iran, reiterated that:  Until the (Chemical Weapons) Convention is universal and the last stockpiles have been destroyed, our debt to the victims of chemical warfare will remain unpaid. 

to read the full statement by the UN Secretary General click below.

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opcwI wish to welcome you all to this solemn ceremony to pay homage to the memory of all victims of chemical weapons. I am grateful to you, Ambassador Peter Goosen for presiding over this commemoration in your capacity as Chairman of the Conference of the States Parties.

It is an honour for me to welcome in our midst Mr Karel van Oosterom, Director-General of Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Mr Jozias van Aartsen, Mayor of The Hague. Your presence underlines the close cooperation the OPCW enjoys with both the Municipality of The Hague and the Dutch government and their consistent support for the Organisation.

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The Iranian Artist Child awarded in 27th Hiroshima International Children's Peace Drawings Competition

Kimia-hashemi-TKimia Sadat Hashemi, 10 years old Iranian child, awarded in 27th Hiroshima International Children's Peace Drawings Competition. This year, like last year, among all the participants in this international competition from different countries such as Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, India and United States, who have sent their drawings with the theme of Peace to the secretariat of this competition in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The drawing of one of the Iranian participants has achieved the Certificate of Honor, signed by president of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation who is also Mayor of Hiroshima.

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Ban Ki-moon Visited the TPM exhibition in the Hague

BanKiMoon1The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon visited the art exhibition set up by TPM on the side line of the 3rd review conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention in the Hague and had a chat with TPM members including survivors of chemical warfare.

Ban Ki-moon who was in the Hague to attend the opening ceremony of the CWC review conference, in his opening speech mentioned his meeting with the gas attacks survivors and that it makes our responsibility heavier to try for abolition of WMD including chemical weapons.

The third review conference of the Chemcial Weapons Cinvention was started on 08 April in the Hague with diplomatic delegationd from 188 member states, over 70 NGOs and international organizations. A delegation from the Tehran Peace Museum and the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support - SCWVS - have participated in the conference as amembers of CWC NGO coalition.

a TPM member's art exhibition will be held in the Hague

OPCW HQ-002The 3rd  review conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention - CWC- will be held in the Hague, the Netherlands from 8 to19 April 2013.

Diplomatic delegations from 188 state parties , representatives of International organizations as well as many NGOs will participate in this very important event which takes place every 5 years.

Representatives of the SCWVS and Tehran Peace Museum are invited to attend the conference.

Among other side events of the conference, would be an art exhibition by Nasim Taghipoor, a volunteer member of the Tehran Peace Museum who will exhibit her art works on impacts of war and Chemical Warfare.

Planting the trees and prayer for a year full of peace and friendship

jinkgo1On Monday 11 March 2013, the Tehran Peace Museum organized a ceremony to welcome the spring and Nowruz (Iranian New Year).During the event, a group of children played the Beethoven’s symphony No. 9 with their musical instruments and sang together a song on peace and friendship between humans.

Also to commemorate the second anniversary of 11 March 2011 catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, and in solidarity with the people of Japan, the Ginkgo tree seeds which are sent to the museum from Japan’s “Green Legacy Hiroshima” project, as the messengers of life, hope, peace and friendship, were planted by children and volunteers of the TPM under the supervision of one of the Gardening Education Center’s specialists.The pots with planted seeds were then handed to this center’s greenhouse for further protection and support.

Participation of a group of war veterans and chemical weapons’ survivors was one of the spotlights of this ceremony.

After this event, the participated children and museum’s visitors have given small plants to take care of, books and small olive trees as New Year’s peaceful gifts.

Click here to see the photos of this event.

Tehran Peace Museum is going to celebrate the Spring


tree news1On Monday 11 March 2013, at 10 am, Tehran peace Museum in collaboration with City Park and the Gardening Education Center, will hold an event to welcome the Nowruz (Iranian New year).

Also,to commemorate the second anniversary of March 11, 2011 catastrophoc earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident , and in solidarity with the people of Japanthe, during this event,Ginkgo seeds which are sent to the museum from Japan’s “Green Legacy Hiroshima” project, as the messengers of life, hope, peace and friendship, will be planted along with a number of olive trees as symbols of peace and hope.

As the last part of the ceremony, a group of children and their teachers will pray for a new year full of peace and friendship. 

Tehran Peace Museum contributed in "Green Legacy Hiroshima" project


Green Legacy Hiroshima - LogoThese days, Tehran Peace Museum and Tehran's City Park are hosting the seeds of Hiroshima's Ginkgo tree, collected in 2012 from the mother tree located in Shukkeien Garden less than 1.5 kilometers from the hypocenter of the atomic bomb attack (1945). These seeds are the precious messengers of life, hope and peace and with their surviving during all these years, have planted the seed of hope in the hearts of many survivors of wars around the world.

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Several groups of students visited the Peace Museum


Khozeshtan-SchoolSince the beginning of 2013 , many school children from several schools, along with their teachers visited the Tehran Peace Museum.

During their visits, the students had chance to meet with war veterans and survivors of chemical warfare and listened to their eye witness accounts.

The students also exchanged ideas on promoting peace in the society, schools and families.

To see some photos of these visits, please click here.

Tehran Peace Museum as this month's INMP spotlight


INMPWe are happy to inform you that the Tehran Peace Museum is this month's Spotlight on the INMP (International Network of Museum's for Peace) website.

Each month, the INMP selects one of its member museums for some well-deserved extra attention on its website. To start 2013, they have selected Tehran Peace Museum!

We hope this extra attention in INMP Spotlight will give our museum more publicity and hits on the webpage and site.

You can see these special sections via the links below:

Report: "Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries" book-launch ceremony


A launching ceremony of the book titled"Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries" was held on Sunday 20 January 2013 at Tehran Peace Museum. The occasion was marked by the presence of many experts, scholars and government officials including Prof. Kouki Inai from Hiroshima, the chief editor,as well as Iranian authors of the book.

In writing this book, 27 medical doctors (18 Iranians & 9 Japanese) worked together and contributed; the “Atlas” has 22 chapters of which 14 chapters written by Iranians and 8 chapters by Japanese authors.

If you are interested to receive a copy, contact us on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , Please click here  to see photos of the ceremony. 

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"Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries" book-launch ceremony at Tehran Peace Museum


Atlas-CoverAfter about 5 years of endeavor and cooperation between Iranian and Japanese researchers and physicians to collect and publish their experiences on health impacts of chemical weapons and methods of diagnosis and treatment of such diseases; this medical exchange finally led to compilation of the "Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries" which has been published in English, Japanese and Farsi recently in Tokyo and is a unique book in its field.

We are pleased to announce that the book launch ceremony of this valuable book, with the presence of Prof. Inai (Chief Editor) and guests from Hiroshima as well as Iranian authors of the book, in company of scholars and academic guests will be held on Sunday 20 January 2013 (10-12 am) at Tehran Peace Museum.

To see large size cover of the book, click on the picture.

Report: Workshop on “Peace with the Environment” was held in Tehran Peace Museum


our-planet-earth-lg-001A half-day workshop on “Peace with the Environment” was held in Tehran Peace Museum on 27 December 2012.

Over 20 members and volunteers of the museum attended the training program which covered interesting topics. Tehran Peace Museum in collaboration with other NGOs in this field, intends to hold more workshops on “culture of peace and environment” for more participants and interested people in the near future. Through this way, the museum hopes to promote culture of peace in the society through respect to the environment.

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Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Peace and Conflict Transformation at World Peace Academy (Swiss Center for Peace Studies)


middle1 logoThe "World Peace Academy - Swiss Centre for Peace Studies" (WPA) is an educational institution that aims to promote a global culture of peace through the development of an innovative peace education program and the education of experts and multipliers who can take their knowledge into the field, where it matters most.

The World Peace Academy MAS(Master of Advanced Studies) study program is part of the Advanced Study Centre of the University of Basel and is focused in Peace and Conflict Transformation. The program lasts 9 months and hosts students from all over the world.

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Master of Arts Program in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation


logo-university-of-innsbruck-120-The UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies of the University of Innsbruck provides this master program for interested students.

The University of Innsbruck was founded in 1669 and is one of Austria’s oldest universities. According to the agreement signed between the UNESCO and the University of Innsbruck The UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies of the University of Innsbruck was established in June 2008 as a consequence of the systematic research on the interpretations of peaces and the unique approach to peace studies as developed by Innsbruck’s MA program for Peace Studies since 2001.

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Online Peace Education Network (OPEN)


OPEN-logoOPEN is a web-based portal for institutions involved with peace and conflict studies, both in research and practice. Participating institutions can announce programs and events under their own logo and identifying label, with a direct electronic link to their own website.

Announcements of programs and events can be posted on the OPEN space, and interested visitors can link to the institution's website for further information on the event and institution.

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Monument to Victims of Chemical Weapons Unveiled at OPCW Headquarters in The Hague


CWMonumentAn elegant new monument dedicated to victims of chemical weapons was unveiled in the garden of the OPCW headquarters in The Hague during an afternoon ceremony on 26 November 2012, the first day of the 17th Session of the Conference of the States Parties.

The monument was dedicated to the OPCW by the Islamic Republic of Iran and unveiled by Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for International Affairs, H.E. Mohammad Mehdi Akhoundzadeh. OPCW Director-General Ahmet Üzümcü participated in the unveiling and addressed remarks to the gathering.

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A letter to Mr Ban Ki-moon from Iranian Students


Qazvin Among other students' visits of Tehran Peace Museum, a group of students of Shayestegan middle school from Qazvin, along with some of their teachers, visited the museum on Monday 19 November 2012.

During this visit they read a letter to the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and handed it to Tehran Peace Museum to send it to UN representative office in Tehran.

The letter - signed by the students - was delivered to UN office in Tehran on 27 Nov. 2012 to be delivered to Mr Ban. In their letter, the students asked the UN to react against injustice and violence in the world and try for promoting Peace.

Click here to read the whole text of the letter.

Click here to see the photos of this visit

IPPNW and ICAN delegates discuss the medical consequences of nuclear weapons at the Peace Museum in Tehran

aNovember 12-15: In a fine example of IPPNW's physician-to-physician diplomacy, an international IPPNW delegation met with campaigners and activists in Iran, including one high-profile event at the Tehran Peace Museum which has garnered local media attention.

The event was organized by Iranian affiliate of the IPPNW (PSR-Iran) and Tehran Peace Museum in which several health professionals and students attended.The delegation also had meetings in hospitals and medical universities during their stay in Tehran.

Click here to watch a video report of the meeting.

Click here to see the photos of the meeting.

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INMP newsletter no.4 is recently published



INMP (International Network of Museums for Peace) newsletter no.4 (November 2012) is recently published in 14 pages, in English.

In this newsletter, there is a full page on some of the activities of Tehran Peace Museum (page 13) during last months.

You can download this newsletter from here to get more familiar with some of the programs and activities of INMP as well as some of the museums for peace around the world

Photo report of teaching session on Peace Education methods


24 October 2012 - Tehran Peace Museum

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Teaching methods in Peace Education:a TOT program for teachers

globeTehran Peace Museum as part of its peace education program and as a cultural exchange between Iran and Japan, in collaboration with Japanese school in Tehran will host a Training of Trainers (TOT) session on 24 October 2012. During the two hours class, Japanese teachers of the Japanese school in Tehran will share their experiences, and teachers as the target group will learn about “Teaching and Promoting Culture of Peace to primary & junior high school students” as well as “War and Peace concepts in children & youths’ mind”.

The language of the program is Japanese, simultaneous Persian translation will be provided. Attending this session for teachers and educators would be free.

Date & Time: 24 October 2012, 4-6 pm

Venue: Tehran Peace Museum

Second workshop on International Humanitarian Law

IHL2 RiterThe Second workshop on International Humanitarian law was held in Tehran Peace Museum on Thursday 18 Oct 2012. In this educational program which was co-organize by the Peace Museum and the International Committee of Red Cross ICRC, 30 students -mostly from law schools - attended and topics like: Relationship between Peace studies and IHL,  laws of armed conflicts, principles of IHL, Chemical Weapons Convention, Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement,etc was discussed and students have chance to discuss on some exemplary cases. 

Mr Pierre Ryter, head of ICRC delegation in Tehran was special guest of the opening ceremony of the workshop.

To see the Photos of the event click HERE.