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Another survivor of chemical warfare died in silence...

AhmadMr Ahmad Zangiabadi, CW victims and volunteer member of Tehran Peace Museum and SCWVS, Died of respiratory collapse on Tuesday (18 November 2014) morning in a hospital in Tehran.

He was seriously injured during a Mustard gas attack in 1985 and for the past 30 years he suffered from severe exposure related illnesses including very severe lung problem.

In the past few months, he was able to breath only using respiratory support machine.

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Tehran Peace Museum will be closed for visits from 15th to 18th of November


Tehran Peace museum will host "Peace Counts" poster exhibition from 19th of November for 1 month. The museum would be closed from 15th to 18th of November for preparations and tour guiding practices.

This poster exhibition includes 25 stories of successful peace Builders from around the world and is a part of international "Peace Counts" tour by Berghof Foundation. "Peace Counts" has been recognized by UNESCO as a contribution to the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence." 

TPM Appreciation to Dr. Matthias Jochheim

Dr-MatthiasOn Saturday 1 November 2014, a group of Chemical Weapons Victims, Peace Activists, physicians and volunteer members of SCWVS (Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support) and Tehran Peace Museum, thanked Dr. Matthias Jochheim -German physician who was visiting Iran on vacation with the company of her daughter- in Tehran Peace Museum.

In this program representatives from Tehran Peace Museum, SCWVS, Iranian affiliate of IPPNW (International Physicians to Prevention of Nuclear War), volunteers and CW victims appreciated Dr. Jochheim’s help to provide necessary medications for CW victims; with the dedication of a note of appreciation and a plaque by TPM and CW victims.

To read the short autobiography of Dr. Matthias Jochheim, please click here.

To see the pictures of this event click here.

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“The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons” published in New York Times

nytimes​The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons by C. J. CHIVERS was published in New York Times on October 14th, 2014.
Finding aging chemical weapons which were abandoned for years, exposure of U.S soldiers to these weapons, the medical care for these soldiers and the terrorist groups control on these weapons are discussed in this article.
To read this article, please click here.

Tehran Peace Museum Presents their Oral History Projects at the OPCW Conference: Education for Peace

opcw conOn 22-23 September, the OPCW held an innovative conference at their headquarters in The Hague titled OPCW Education and Outreach Event: Education for Peace – New Pathways for Securing Chemical Disarmament.  

The Tehran Peace Museum, represented by Elizabeth Lewis, delivered a presentation on two of the Tehran Peace Museum’s latest oral history projects.

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Message of Tehran Peace Museum for International Peace Day

TPM LogoThis year, we commemorate the International Day of Peace while millions of people around the world are suffering from war and violence and its aftermath.
This does not mean that our efforts for peace are in vain and that peace is not achievable, it is indeed achievable and today more than ever we need to promote a culture of peace.
That is why we are gathered here in the Peace Museum on the International Day of Peace, to recall that we all belong to each other, regardless of political boundaries that separate nations from each other.
As the 13th century Iranian poet Saadi said: we are all from one essence.
Let’s think about similarities instead of differences, love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of revenge, dialogue instead of confrontation and peace instead of violence.
Let’s give peace a chance!

21 September: International Peace Day ceremony was held in Tehran Peace Museum

imagesOn Sunday 21 September, an observance for the International Peace Day was held in Tehran Peace Museum.

Many NGO representatives, activists, young people, artists, war survivors as well as representatives of International organizations attended the ceremony.

The Ceremony started by reading the message of Tehran Peace Museum by a war victim and the director of the Tehran Peace Museum, Mr. MohamadReza Taghipour.

 During the program, Mr. Ban Ki moon's message was read by UNIC’s National Information Officer, Mr. Mohamad Rajaei Moghadam; and then speech by Ms. Esther Kuisch Laroche, the director and representative of UNESCO Cluster Office in Tehran, delivered. Other speakers of this program were Mr. Seyed Mohamad Khatami, former president, and the UN resident coordinator in Iran, Mr. Gary Lewis.

One minute silence to commemorate the victims of war, and dedicating flowers to the participants were other parts of the program. Visiting the museum and the exhibitions there were side events of this program. To see photos of the ceremony click here.


Ban-Un21 September 2014

Today is the International Day of Peace.

Each year, on this day, the United Nations calls for a global ceasefire.  

We ask combatants to put down their arms so all can breathe the air of peace.

Armed conflict causes untold grief to families, communities and entire countries.

Too many are suffering today at the brutal hands of warmongers and terrorists.

Let us stand with them in solidarity.

Peace and security are essential foundations for social progress and sustainable development.

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Speech by Ms. Esther Kuisch Laroche, Director and Representative, UNESCO Cluster Office in Tehran


on the occasion of International Day of Peace (21 September 2014)

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

The International Day of Peace reflects the innermost aspiration of all peoples to live together, free and equal in dignity and rights. The theme of 2014 is the “right of peoples to peace”, selected to mark the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace by the United Nations.
The right to peace is of the utmost importance in view of the violence that is currently tearing the world apart. To build peace, we must understand the new realities of war today, and the way in which both human lives and identities are under attack in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, in violence that aims to strike at the cultural and religious values of peoples.

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UNESCO's message for International Peace Day


Message from Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, 21 September 2014.

The International Day of Peace reflects the innermost aspiration of all peoples to live together, free and equal in dignity and rights. The theme of 2014 is the “right of peoples to peace”, selected to mark the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace by the United Nations.


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The Exhibition of “i can Painting Cards” on International Peace Day

I-can-card-PicTitle: PEACE & I CAN

Goal: Converting the bombs into the peaceful objects
By: Iranians who are interested in peace
Location: Tehran Peace Museum
Date: 20 Sep. 2014

Exhibition is free to visit to the public from 20 to 24 Sep 2014

The selected cards will be presented in the i can website:

Second Model UN/UN Security Council simulation at Tehran Peace Museum

Isj-2014The second UN Security Council simulation (UN Model) was held at Tehran Peace Museum on 18 September 2014. It was co-organized by the International Studies Journal (ISJ) in cooperation with UNIC (United Nations Information Center). More than 30 graduate and post graduate students of international relations and law as well as political science from different universities from across Iran participated in the simulation which addressed the issue ofthe situation in Ukraine.
Tehran –Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mohammad JavadZarif said here that from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s point of view, organizing simulations – in particular the Model United Nations Security Council practice – is very important and useful.
To see the photos of this event, please click here.

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Director of UNESCO Cluster Office in Tehran visited the Peace Museum

Ms.-EstherMs. Esther Kuish-Laroche, new director and representative of UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office visited the Tehran Peace Museum on September 3, 2014. “Today, all we hear in the media is about the number of people who are being killed or injured in the conflicts “she said in a meeting with TPM’s volunteers including CW victims. “But we should remember that each one of them are a unique individual with a unique life”.

Then  Ms.  Kuish-Laroche explained about UNESCO various activities regarding Culture, Education and Science and she added that Iran has a very good contribution in these fields.

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Kuish-Laroche and TPM volunteers discussed their common fields of action and agreed to conduct joint programs in the future in order to improve the culture of peace. To see the photos of this event please click here.

Conclusion of a ​MOC between Tehran Peace Museum and Ministry of Sport and Youth

Ministry-of-Sport-and-Youth A delegation from the ministry of sport and youth visited Tehran peace museum on 31 August 2014.

During a joint session, th​e​ representatives​ of the ministry of Sport and youth​ and TPM members explained their approaches and steps towards the promotion of ​the culture of peace and discussed future cooperation on studying and enhancing peace and youth linkage.

In order ​t​ o analyze ​ such area and to achieve the goal of establishment of youth parliament a ​MOC was signed between TPM and MSY to launch scientific relations and exchanges.

To see the photos ​ of this event​, ​please ​ click here.

Tehran Peace Museum / SCWVS delegation met with Mayor of Hiroshima

Peace-MayorsFrom August 3 to 8, a delegation of the Tehran Peace Museum and Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support (SCWVS) from Iran visited Hiroshima and met with President Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima on August 7. The Tehran Peace Museum, founded by the SCWVS, conducted an active campaign to invite Iranian mayors to join Mayors for Peace and successfully achieved a 270 city increase of the number of member cities in Iran in the past one-year period.

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8th issue of the INMP Newsletter is published

INMPThe 8th issue of the INMP (International Network of Museums for Peace) Newsletter is published and is now available on the following link.
In this issue of the newsletter, you can find reports and news from the peace museums around the world as well as useful information about the new peace related publications.
Half of the one of the pages of this issue of the newsletter (page 8) is allocated to the news from Tehran Peace Museum.

To read the newsletter click here.

The fourth workshop on International Humanitarian Law was held in TPM on the occasion of 65th anniversary of ratification of Geneva conventions

ihl4-workshopThe fourth workshop on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) was held in Tehran Peace Museum on 12 August 2014 in collaboration with National Committee of International Humanitarian Law (NCIHL) on the occasion of 65th anniversary of ratification of Geneva conventions.

More than 30 students of different courses including international law participated in this workshop in which several subjects including Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, principles of IHL, cyber wars and IHL, health care in danger and chemical weapons convention were discussed. ​​

To see the photos of the event click here.

On 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

HiroshimaGOn 69th anniversary  of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th, the Peace Memorial Ceremony  was held in Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima. Hundreds  of people from all around the world participated in this ceremony to console the victims of the atomic bombs and to pray for the realization of lasting world peace.

20 Iranian victims of chemical weapons and Iranian Artists from Tehran Peace Museum attended this ceremony. Iran – Japan Peace and Friendship film festival was held in Hiroshima on this occasion.

To read Hiroshima Peace Declaration, please click here.

Peace and Friendship Children Drawing Competition in Esfarayen

EsfarayenFollowing the Esfarayan's membership in Mayors for Peace Organization and on the occasion of Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima, a Peace and Friendship drawing competition was held in Esfarayen, Iran. “This competition which was held with the message of Peace and Friendship for all people around the world, expresses our sympathy for the people of Hiroshima on the occasion of 6 of August”, said Cultural Advisor of Esfarayen Municipality.
All the participants received gifts from City Council

The Oral History of Chemical Warfare Survivors launched

Oral HistoryThe Tehran Peace Museum has launched the Oral History of Chemical Warfare Survivors.

This oral history project began at the start of this year by interviewing civilian and military survivors exposed to gas attacks during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988.

We invite you to read the harrowing experiences of chemical weapons survivors and how they courageously overcame their difficulties to survive – against all odds - to this day.

27th Anniversary of Sardasht Gas Attack


27 years ago on 28th of June, 1987, Sardasht, an Iranian town was targeted by Mustard gas bombs by Iraqi forces. Many were killed immediately and thousands of survivors still suffer from long term health effects and disabling illnesses.

Below you can find more details about the gas attack, the life of survivors and recently issued statements by international figures:

- Details of gas attack by Professor. Forutan, Shahid Beheshti University

- Statement by Director-General of the OPCW

- Message of Mayor of Hiroshima

- Eyewitness account: story of Faride Shafe'i.

Fourth workshop on Finding UN Information and Documentations was held in Tehran Peace Museum

Unic2-2014On the occasion of the "United Nations Public Service Day " the fourth workshop on "Finding UN Information and Documentation" was held in TPM on June 23, 2014.

During this one day workshop, which took place in collaboration with the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Tehran, 24 students of different majors learned to retrieve UN information and documentation and it's data-searching methods through UN databases.

Furthermore, the United Nations structure, Secretaries-General, Member States, financial and budgetary subjects and UN Offices in Iran were introduced to the participants.

To see the photos of this event, please click here.

Iranian Children's Peace Drawing Exhibition



"Child, Peace, Nature" is the title of an exhibition of Iranian Children’s Drawings in Tehran’s Arasbaran cultural center, as collaboration between Tehran Peace Museum and Hadis Pre-school center.

In this exhibition which is the 5th joint program of Hadis Pre-school center and Tehran Peace Museum, drawings of children (4-12 years) are displayed.

the exhibition is open for all interested visitors on 18-19 June from 10 am to 6 pm.

To see the photos of this event, please click here.

Introduction to INMP members:

2: Kyoto Museum for Peace, Ritsumeikan University

Kyoto Museum

Ritsumeikan University which was founded in 1869 is one of the four leading private universities in Western Japan and has many exchange programs with different universities around the world. After World War II, Ritsumeikan adopted the educational philosophy of peace and democracy, faithful to the spirit of the Japanese Constitution and the Education Fundamental Law.

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