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Another survivor of chemical warfare died in silence...

AhmadMr Ahmad Zangiabadi, CW victims and volunteer member of Tehran Peace Museum and SCWVS, Died of respiratory collapse on Tuesday (18 November 2014) morning in a hospital in Tehran.

He was seriously injured during a Mustard gas attack in 1985 and for the past 30 years he suffered from severe exposure related illnesses including very severe lung problem.

In the past few months, he was able to breath only using respiratory support machine.

Despite his serious disability and extensive lung/eye damage, Ahmad was one of the active members of Tehran peace Museum as a volunteer guide and board member of the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support - SCWVS - .

As SCWVS member, last year he attended the third review conference of the chemical Weapons Convention in the Hague where he met with the UN Secretary general Ban ki Moon and the OPCW director General Ahmed Uzumcu (See attached picture, Ahmad is in the right) and attended NGO coalition meetings and discussions while struggling to breath with his portable oxygen canister.

read his story on TIME article:

chemical weapons attacks of 1980s against Iranians is still taking its toll and this is an open wound....