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Lest we forget the victims of Chemical warfare...

On Sunday 29 April 2012 at Tehran Peace Museum, the observance of the day of remembrance for all victims of chemical weapons was held. Many participants attended the event including survivors of chemical warfare, representatives of international organizations, academics, journalist, etc.

The UN secretary General's message was delivered by the head of UNIC in Tehran then a Video message by the Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW was shown followed by a message by a survivor of chemical attacks on behalf of Iranian victims of chemical warfare.

Then another survivor of chemical weapon attacks played a piece of music by Iranian traditional instrument - Santoor - and a message by the Parliamentarian for Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation PNND was read.

Finally two olive trees were planted by the guests and 29 white doves were flown symbolizing the 29 April the day of remembrance for all victims of chemical weapons.


For more photos of the event click here.