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Children’s Prayer for a peaceful New Year

thamChildren’s Prayer for a peaceful New Year

Tehran Peace Museum , 11 march 2012

As we are getting close to 20 March, the Nowruz celebration (which marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in Iranian calendar) The Tehran peace museum was host of a beautiful ceremony called: “Children’s Prayer for a peaceful New Year” .

More than 100 school children and their teacher as well as volunteers of Tehran peace museum attended the ceremony to pray for a peaceful new year, they also wrote their peace messages and wishes and hanged them along with 1000 paper crane – made by themselves- on the trees in the city park in front of the Peace Museum.

Playing the Flute, Narration of Sadako’s story, and visiting the peace museum were other parts of the program which was organized by Tehran Peace Museum, World Children Research Institute and the city of Tehran.

The paper cranes made by Iranian Children and their peace messages will be taken to Hiroshima in August 2012 to be dedicated to the Sasako Monument in the Hiroshima peace Park.

Tehran Peace Museum has started a peace exchange with Hiroshima since 2004.




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