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Iranian “Messengers of Peace” met with Mayor of Hiroshima

A delegation of survivors of chemical warfare and volunteers of Tehran Peace Museum who visited Hiroshima to attend the 67th anniversary of A-bomb attack as well as several other meetings and events , met with “kazumi Matsui”, Mayor of Hiroshima on 7 August 2012.

During this meeting which was a part of “Messengers of Peace” mission organized by Tehran Peace Museum and the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support  - SCWVS -, Mayor Matsui expressed his support to the exchanges between peace museums of Tehran and Hiroshima as well as fruitful peace exchanges between NGOs and citizens of Iran and Japan since 2004.

At the end of this meeting, envoy of the Mayor of Tehran, handed the message of Mayor Qalibaf to Mayor Matsui.



 Dr Hamid Salehi a board member of Tehran Peace Museum presented the TPM logo on blue tile to mayor matsui




Deputy Mayor Rezai and Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima



Message of Mayor of Tehran was handed to mayor of Hiroshima


Gholam Hashemi a survivor of chemical warfare and a volunteer of Tehran Peace Museum presented an art work made by TPM artists to mayor matsui

IMG 2685-002

 Messengers of Peace and mayor of Hiroshima - 7 August 2012