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Representatives of the Tehran Peace Museum attended the 5th Review Conference of the CWC in the Hague


Three representatives of the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) attended the 5th Review Conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention – CWC – which was held from 15 to 19 May 2023 in the Hague, The Netherlands.


Delegations from 193 States Parties to the conventions as well as representatives of over 50 Non-governmental organizations attended this event which convenes every five years to examine the CWC's operation, it evaluates the Convention's implementation status and sets out priorities for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons -OPCW- for the upcoming years .


TPM which was invited to the conference as a member of the CWC-NGO coalition, hold an exhibition in the margin of the conference on the chronic health effects of exposure to chemical warfare agents. TPM also co-organized a side event on the “victims of chemical weapons, their health needs and rights”.


During the conference, the TPM representatives met with the OPCW officials including the Director General Ambassador Arias to discuss the role of the OPCW in providing assistance to the CW victims as well as on how the NGOs can support the Technical Secretariate of the OPCW in achieving the coals of the convention.


The conference in the Hague was also an opportunity for representatives various NGOs active in the field of CWC, disarmament and related issues to share experience and discuss possible avenues of cooperation in this field.