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TPM representatives attended 4th Review Conference of Chemical Weapons Convention


Tehran Peace Museum and SCWVS’s representatives attended 23 Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the 4th Review conference of CWC which was held from 19-30 November 2018 in The Hague. 150 member states, 7 international organizations, 75 NGOs, chemical industries and media representatives were present in the conference.

An exhibition, showcasing statistics of chemical attacks on Iran during Iran-Iraq war and introducing the victims of CW who were present in the conference was held by TPM. An oral history panel of survivors of CW and screening the movie “Memories for All Seasons” by Mostafa RazzaghKarimi was among the programs. In addition, TPM’s statement was read in the plenary session of the review conference and Mr. Asadollah Mohammad, CW survivor and TPM’s volunteer contributed to that.

Iranian NGOs from Sardasht, Tehran, Kordestan and Fars were present in the conference and held exhibitions, read their statements and talked in the Coalition’s open Forum.

New director general of Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Mr. Fernando Arias, who had been in TPM before being appointed, visited survivors’ exhibitions and later listened to their recommendations and inquiries.

The Day for Remembrance of All Victims of Chemical Weapons was commemorated on November 26th; Iranian survivors of CW, representatives of Halabje, ambassadors and governmental delegations and other guests were among the attendees. To pay homage to the victims of chemical warfare, after short speeches by chairperson of the conference, OPCW DG, Mayor of the Hague and the representative of the Dutch foreign ministry, the dignitaries laid wreaths and observed a minute of silence at the memorial site.

Several issues including OPCW’s budget and work plan and suggested reforms for CWC were discussed in this conference by member states. Conference ended by issuing a report and without reaching a consensus.

TO read TPM’s statement, please click here.