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Visit of Senior researchers from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Four top researchers from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) visited the museum on Monday, October 16th, with the invitation of the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) at the International Education and Research Center of Foreign Ministry and became acquainted with some of TPM's activities.

During this program, the guests visited different parts of the museum and became acquainted with the museum's educational, artistic and international programs. In a meeting, Mr. Sverre Lodgaard, former director and senior researcher of the Center, thanked the museum's training activities, referring to the 1925 Geneva Protocol and the Chemical Weapons Convention, and concluded that the end of the recent destruction of Russian chemical weapons stockpiles is another important step in the complete elimination of weapons of mass destruction. He later iterated that "today I saw a lot of things and remembered many others."


In the end, the "Victims of War" photo album, Mr. Mehdi Monaem's contribution to this institution, was donated to Mr. Lodgaard.