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Ambassador of Australia Visits TPM


Mr. Ian Biggs, ambassador of Australia in Tehran along with Mr. Tim Paterson, deputy head of mission and Mr. Hamish Leslie, second secretary visited Tehran Peace Museum on 15 February 2018.

In this visit, the guests first had a tour with the volunteer docents of TPM who are victims of chemical weapons (CW). During the tour they heard more details of the use of CW against Iran. In the following meeting, a presentation on other educational and cultural programs of TPM was delivered.

Appreciating arranging this visit, Mr. Ambassador mentioned that it is a privilege to meet with the CW survivors , especially since he has met with survivors of atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Hibakushas) before. "Such testimonies reflect the strength of humankind in retelling its painful experiences. But also shows the genuine horror that humans can inflict on each other when they forget what they have in common." Said Mr. Biggs. He also admired Iran and Iraq's cooperation in bringing peace to Iraq during the recent conflicts in the region, despite their history of war with each other.

Contributions of Mr. Peter Dunn, the Australian expert, to the UN fact finding missions on the use of chemical weapons against Iran and Professor Robert Mathews, the Australian physician and winner of the OPCW- The Hague Award was appreciated in this meeting as well.

At the end, the book titled "Iraq's Use of Chemical Weapons Against Iran: UN Documents 1984-1988" (which includes Mr. Dunn's reports) and the "Victims of War" photo book was presented to Mr. Ambassador.