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Two scientific sessions held in TPM


globalcitizenTehran Peace Museum held two scientific sessions with the contribution of Berghof Foundation on "world citizenship" and "peace region" on Friday, September 22nd and Saturday 23rd.


The founder of research center and peace training of Klagenfurt University of Austria; Prof. Werner Wintersteiner and The lecturer of Giessen University of Germany, an expert on peace studies, conflicts and mediation; Prof. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach, attended the two scientific sessions of "Dialogue and Peace Making" summer school which was held for the participants and other individuals interested in relevant fields.

Issues as citizenship components, the importance of peace training and its effect on attitudes towards international controversies such as the refugees' problem, climate changes and terrorism, the relationship between national identity and world citizenship, and the sense of belonging to earth planet were studied in the first session on September 23rd.

In second session held on September 23rd, a suggested model for peace establishment and prevention of violence was studies and scrutinizing the relevant concepts, the participants defined peace as a concept beyond merely the absence of war. Thereafter, they asked their questions and discussed the relevant issues together in both sessions.

In order to download the presentation file of Professor Wintersteiner on "World Citizenship" click here, to downlaod the presentation file of Professor Birckenbach click here and to view the photos of the two sessions, please click here.