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The International Day of Peace Ceremony is Held


peace-day-2017-timA ceremony on The International Day of Peace, with the theme of "All Together for Peace" was held by TPM on September 20th, 2017 in cooperation with The International Counsel of Museums (Iran ICOM) and The Counsel for Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children.


First after reciting Quran, playing the national anthem of Iran and greeting the attendees, Dr. Maria Dotsenko; United Nations' Information Center Director in Iran, along with Mr. Mohammad Rajaee Moghaddam; her deputy delivered a lecture and thereafter, the video message of the UN Secretary General was displayed.


Thereafter, Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti; the director of Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, gave a lecture on "Peace in Society, Today and Yesterday".

The music band Peace Voice performed several tracks including a lullaby. Then Ms. Nazli Bakhshayesh; the manager of this music band narrated a poem regarding the mothers who have lost their children in wars worldwide.


Dr. Omid Forutan Nejad was the next lecturer who talked on "Peace, the Common Language of the Age". A music video displaying the activities which had been held previously in different cities of Iran from September 16th till 18th by the subgroups of The Counsel for Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children was as well presented.

Then Mr. Ali Akbar Fazli; veteran and volunteer narrator of TPM recited the trilateral statement of the organizers of the event and finally, the Peace Tune music band performed a piece titled "Peace Lullabies". This group has been performing the peaceful poetries of Khayyam, Rumi and other Iranian Poets by Iranian traditional music instruments as Iran's music of peace around the world for many years.


On the margins of session, the puppetry group of the Counsel of Children's Book performed a marionette show named "the Fairy Eye Myth" on Waldorf style.

To watch the video message of UN director general, please click here.

to watch the pictures of the ceremony, please click here.