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The Regional Summer School is held at TPM

summer-scholThe “Youth Dialogue and Peacebuilding” Summer School was held at TPM from 19th to 23rd September 2017. This course included participants from eight countries of the region: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran. The summer school was designed and held in cooperation with Berghof Foundation and included topics on peace, conflicts and intercultural dialogue.

This five-day program, which was an introduction to the fundamental concepts in peace-making based on cultural interactions, was planned according to academic models of peace studies and was presented with the aim of providing an opportunity for conversation and communication among the youth of the region.

The syllabus of the workshop was designed jointly by two Iranian and German groups in TPM and Berghof Foundation and the peace, conflict, conflict transformation, inter-cultural dialogue and communication were discussed in that. The workshop was held in interactive methods, benefiting from German and Iranian facilitators.

The participants explored the interaction with different thoughts and tastes and with simulation of various situations, they strived for establishment of a suitable atmosphere for peaceful co-existence according to the interests and values of all groups.

Attendance in international day of peace and two lectures by Austrian and German professors were the other parts of the program.

The participants were students or graduates of universities of Iran.