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Tehran Peace Museum hosted Molla Saleh Ghari


mola-saleh2Molla Saleh Ghari visited TPM on 9 April 2017 and presented his autograph book entitled "Molla Saleh: the Life of Molla Saleh Ghari, the Translator of Iranian Prisoners of War" to TPM.


Molla Saleh is an Iranian brave man who aided Iranian POWs during their captivity period. But his problems didn't fade even when he got free. A part of his life story had been previously illustrated in a documentary "23 and the Other One".

The prelude of this book starts as:" His today's personality and position required everybody to get acquainted with the vicissitudes of his life during his struggle before and after revolution, in Shah's prison, in war and captivity, his solitudes and limitations even after war to date."

mola saleh