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Deputy Minister for Legal and International Affairs of Presidency Visits TPM

Dr. Mohsen Mohebbi, the deputy minister for legal and international affairs of presidency and some of his colleagues visited TPM on Saturday, May 7th, 2017. Formerly, they visited the different sections of TPM with the museum volumteer guides and later, they got acquainted with TPM activities on peace education, art for peace and further cultural and educational exchanges in a session which was held with the attendance of the guests and museum's guides and staff.


Dr. Mohebbi appreciated TPM for all its activities and measures for promoting a culture of peace and stated:" peace is a dynamic concept, connected to everyday life". In addition, He pointed out that peace cannot be made merely with legal instructions and asserted that according to TPM activities, it resembles the academic studies and research centers. Thereafter, He referred to the weak and strong points of international law and analyzing the place and importance of the United-Nations and more specifically the role of Security Council in fighting violence and war, he emphasized on the necessity of further attempts for reinforcement of international legal system.


Finally, Mrs. Saba Babae'i (Kuniko Yamamura), coordinator of TPM - Japan cultural exchange and mother of belated war-victim "Mohammad Babaee", presented a paper carne which symbolizes "peace & love". Furthermore, a memorial plaque was presented to Dr. Mohebbi by the museum's director.