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Germany Ambassador Visits Tehran Peace Museum

german-ambassador-timMr. Michael Klor-Berchtold, ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany along with Mrs. Monika Meents, the first secretary and embassy's press director, visited Tehran Peace Museum on Wednesday May 31th, 2017 and got familiar with its activities.

Taking advantage of volunteer warfare victims' guide, the guests visited different sections of TPM and got acquainted with dimensions of the use of chemical weapons against Iran during Iran-Iraq war. Thereafter, more details regarding the other activities of Tehran Peace Museum specifically the educational programs and as well, cultural and education exchange of TPM and Germany were presented in a meeting with TPM's veterans, public relations director of district 12 of Tehran municipality and TPM representatives.

In the following, the revered ambassador appreciated for being invited to the museum and spoke of the country and his family experiences of the first and second world-wars and stated:" war does not target militants merely; their families are as well subject to influence." He also said that today, seventy years after the Second World War in Germany, this country is on the state of flourishing and every individual takes use of his own expertise for the development of the country. "The foreign policy of Germany has always been an advocate of disarmament of weapons of mass destruction and a supporter of dialogue and negotiation" He mentioned in the meeting.

Afterwards, Dr. Salehi ;a member of TPM board of directors, referred to religious and ethnic conflicts in the region and asked the audience to join hands and attempt for a peaceful world. Mr. TaghipourMoghaddam, TPM manager greeted the attendees and pointed out: "peace begins with us and not with governments and politicians. Each one of us has to be the ambassador of peace."

In the end, while expressing condolences to the audience regarding the terrorist event in Kabul, close to Iran and Germany embassies, Mr. Farhand, the public relations director of district 12 of Municipality, pointed out that Iran has never started a war since two centuries ago. He also announced his organization's readiness for the improvement of cultural, governmental and non-governmental activities and improvement of the public diplomacy with Germany.

Thereafter, a book including the collection of war victims pictures on behalf of TPM and a piece of art handicraft on behalf of municipality district 12 was offered to the guests.

To view the pictures of this event, please click here.