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"We'd Be at Peace" at Tehran Peace Museum


A sequence of "We'd Be at Peace" series was filmed at Tehran Peace Museum on January 28th, 2017. This drama which has a theme of the Iran-Iraq war is produced by Farhad Goli and directed by Rouhollah Sohrabi and so far, 13 episodes out of 52 episodes of it has been aired on national TV channel two. In the TPM sequence, Kazem Baluchi as the brother of commander Abbas Mobasher (Atila Pesyani) who has recently came back to Iran to know more about Abbas, pays a visit to his old friend and Abbas's comrade who is now working at TPM.


The series is written by Fereidoun Farhoudi and Forough Forouhide, based on material written by Rouhollah Sohrabi and Seyyed Morteza Mostafavi. The production of the series started on October 2015 and the filming began on April 2016. The filming will end on February 2017.