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ICRC's new representative in Tehran visits TPM

 Ms. Florence Gillete, new head of representative office of ICRC in Iran visited Tehran Peace Museum along with Mr. Philip Spoerri, Director of International Law and Cooperation of ICRC in New York on December 10, 2016.


This visit was followed by a meeting in which Ms. Gillete and Mr. Spoerri got familiar with different activities of TPM. "Though ICRC's objective is not establishing peace, we share common missions such as preventing the use of specific types of weapons as well as reducing the suffering of the victims afterwards" said Ms. Gillete in the meeting. She later briefly explained probable future programs of ICRC in Iran.

"I'm impressed by your work here" said Mr. Spoerri and continued " we, in ICRC, share a common history with you and all the incidents discussed in the TPM."
Mr. Mehdi Monem, the photo journalist whose book " War Victims " has been published by ICRC was present in this meeting.