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The 5th Model UN conference (MUN) held at the TPM


isj2016The 5th Model UN conference (MUN) in Iran was held on Thursday, August 25, 2016 in a mutual attempt by International Studies Journal (ISJ), ) and United Nations Information Centre (UINC) at Tehran Peace Museum.
The one-day event brought together several students and professors from the fields of International Law and International Relations who simulated a session of the UN Security Council under the theme “terrorist threats to international peace and security”.

The session started with UNIC Director DrMs. Maria Dotsenko’s speech during which she insisted on the importance of holding similar workshops. She further noted that such activities have an effective role in familiarizing students with the process of decision making in an international organization.

Dr. Bagher Asadi, a, the former Iranian ambassador to the UN and also a the member of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s “Panel of Eminent Persons on Civil Society and UN Relationships” was also present at the session on behalf of the Malaysian President. Dr. Bagheri presented Malaysia’s position regarding terrorism and condemned all terrorist acts.


Some 40 participants held the English-speaking session and simulated and practiced the process of decision making that is held by the 15 members of the Security Council in 3 different stages. They first presented a formerly prepared statement followed by a discussion over the topic. The next step which was carried out after several group discussions, included preparing a draft of a consensus which was agreed upon in the last phase.


The session was concluded by Dr. Hossein Esmaeilnasab’s speech in which the head of ISJ thanked both the United Nations departmentUNIC and Tehran Peace Museum. He then once more insisted on the importance of sustainable capacity building and finding potential students to carry on holding workshops and other promotional activities.


To view the images of this workshop please click here.