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The New Dutch Ambassador to Iran Visits Tehran Museum of Peace

Netherlands-news-timMs. Susanna Terstal , the new Dutch ambassador, whose country is the interim representative of the European Union in Iran, visited Tehran Museum Peace on July 11th and got a first-hand taste of the ambiance and the activities at the museum.


She partook in a tour of the museum accompanied and guided by the veteran members of the museum and reviewed different dimensions of the impacts of chemical weapons that were used against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. She then participated in a friendly meeting with a group of museum volunteers and veterans of the war in which they discussed other educational and art activities held at the museum; with a focus on the importance of the Netherlands in TPM's activities.


Survivors of chemical weapons, who are also members of the museum, explained their affiliation with the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW); they underscored the significance of the Netherlands for Iran as the very first country that condemned the regime of Saddam Hussein and its use of chemical weapons against Iran by trying Mr. Francois van Anraat. The amicable discussion also encompassed the significance of Netherlands and the Hague as a host for the OPCW for the International Network of Museums for Peace.


Ms. Terstal then shared her own focus and experience with disarmament and conventions of the Dutch Foreign Ministry, especially regarding the preparation of Chemical Weapons Convention in the 90s. "When Something that important happens in your early career, you never forget it." she said. Ms. Ambassador also showed interest in further future cooperation with Tehran Peace Museum on different grounds, called the current activities admirable; Ms. Terstal further stressed how meet with the veterans and victims of war, the artists and museum volunteers was inspiring for her.


At the end of the visit, Tehran Museum of Peace offered the ambassador a memorial plaque as a sign of cooperation and collaboration.

You use this link to see a photographic report of the event.