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Two Iranian children among the winners of the children’s peace drawing competition

Two Iranian children have been honored by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for their entries in the museum’s 30th Children’s Peace Drawing Competition.


Fifteen year old Seyede Saba Mostafavifrom Karaj won the excellence prize in the overseas category and eleven year old Tahereh Mohammad Hosseinifrom Chalouswon the Award of Honor.


4,227 students from 122 schools in Hiroshima city and 237 students from 6 overseas countries (overall 4,464 drawings) participated in this competition. Participants were from Australia, Russia, The United States, India, Iran, South Korea and Japan.


Saba and Tahereh will receive their awards at a special ceremony which will be held at the Tehran Peace Museum.



Saba Mostafavi Montazeri from Karaj



Tahereh Mohammad Hoseini from Chalus