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Second Iran-Japan Love and Peace Film Festival

As one of the annual joint projects of the Tehran Peace Museum and the Japanese NPO (MOCT), the second Iran-Japan Love and Peace Film Festivalwas held in Hiroshima and Tokyo from 1st to 9th August 2015.


Seven Iranian filmswere screened during the festival including “Wind & Fog” directed by MohammadAliTalebi, “The Painting Pool” by Reza Mirkarimi, “Gilaneh” by RakhshanBanietemad, “The son of land” by Mohammad BashehAhangar, “We have a guest” by MohammadMehdiAsgarpour, “One cube of Sugar” by MaziyarMiri, and “Borderless” by AmirHosseinAsgari.

A group of well-known Iranian film directors, chemical weapons victims –participating as messengers of peace - as well as members and staff of the Tehran Peace Museum attended this event, during the 70th anniversary of the attacks on Hiroshima.
This is the second year that this festival has been held in order to familiarize Japanese people with the history and culture of Iran and to help strengthen peace and friendship between the two nations.


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