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Tehran Peace Museum / SCWVS Delegation Met Mayor of Hiroshima

During the 70th anniversary memorial of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima, a delegation from the Tehran Peace Museum and the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support (SCWVS) from Iran visited Hiroshima and met with Mayor Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima on 5 August.


The Tehran Peace Museum, founded by the SCWVS, conducted an active campaign to invite Iranian mayors to join the Mayors for Peace initiative.  In the past year, Iran has witnessed an extensive increase in the number of member cities from within the country and Iran is now in second place, behind Japan, in the number of member cities in the world.


During the meeting, Mayor Matsui delivered certificates of membership for Mayors for Peace for the 21 Iranian cities which joined this month to Mr. Mohammad Rezaei, the Head of Mayors for Peace Iranian Secretariat, located in the Tehran Peace Museum.


Several discussions took place at this meeting with the Mayors for Peace Secretariat and issues such as future international educational programmescapitalizing on the the capacity of chemical weapons survivors to educate people in how to attain a culture of peace was discussed.