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Commemoration of the 28th Anniversary of Sardasht Gas Attack


Mr-TaghiPour 29 June

  TPM's Director and visitors dedicating flowers to the CW

  victims memorial in the City Park

It was 28 years ago - on 28th of June, 1987 – that Sardasht, an ordinary Iranian town in West Azerbaijan Province was the target of a series of Sulphur mustard gas bombs dropped by Iraqi forces.  Many of the townspeople were killed instantly but thousands more survived this terrible attack and still suffer from the long-term health effects and disabling illnesses caused by such weapons of mass destruction.

To commemorate the attacks in Sardasht on the occasion of the “National Day for the Commemoration of Victims of Chemical Weapons,” the Tehran Peace Museum held a special ceremony on Monday 29th June 2015.  Visitors to the museum, journalists, NGO members, peace activists, artists and government officials attended this special event.

Throughout this special day, a number of chemical weapons survivors – many of whom volunteer as guides at the museum – hosted the guests with tours of the museum and the opportunity to share their own personal experiences and reflections.  The victims spoke of the horrors of the attacks, how they have coped with the consequences of chemical weapons and how these experiences have shaped their desire to seek a peaceful world free of weapons of mass destruction.

At the end of the day’s event, participants dedicated flowers to the peace monument in the City Park, where the museum is located.

To see the photos of this event please click here.