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UNIC Interns Visit TPM to Celebrate International Day of UN Peacekeepers



 The International Day of UN Peacekeepers is celebrated every year on May 29. This year, the Tehran Peace Museum celebrated this special day on June 2, 2015 by inviting the staff and interns of the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Tehran to participated in its inaugural workshop called: An Introduction to UN Peacekeepers.


UN Peacekeepers include approximately 125,000 women and men, who serve in 16 peacekeeping missions globally. These peacekeepers are deployed in some of the world’s most challenging and difficult environments and their mandates are difficult and complex. 

On each International Day for UN Peacekeepers, the memory of peacekeepers who have lost their lives in the line of duty is commemorated. Tribute is also paid to all those men and women who continue to serve in the UN’s peacekeeping missions.

During UNIC’s visit, the senior public information officer, Ms. Maria Dotsenko, delivered the United Nation’s Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s speech. The UNIC librarian, Ms. Nazanin Ghaemmaghami, discussed the role of peacekeepers within the United Nations.

Before the workshop, the UNIC interns and staff were given a tour of the museum to acquaint them with the history of chemical weapons in Iran and the museum’s mission to create a culture of peace.