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Silent Dolls Commemorate Child Victims of War

Sang-Kaghaz-GheychiThe Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) in conjunction with its Art for Peace project opened a special three-day exhibition called “The Silent Dolls” on Monday 25 May 2015. The exhibition aims to commemorate children who have become victims of recent wars in places such as Palestine, Yemen and Syria. 


The Silent Dolls is a student-led project founded in 2014 aiming to raise awareness about children who are killed in conflict. For this specific exhibition, a student group called “Rock, Paper Scissors” asked fellow Iranians to make handmade dolls out of textiles in the memory of child war victims. The group has so far received 300 dolls from participants throughout the country and is continuing its campaign to collect more dolls.

In the exhibition, visitors will be able to see these symbolic messages of peace and friendship and reflect on the tragedy of innocent children losing their lives in conflict. When the exhibition is finished, the students plan to send some of these dolls to Syrian refugee camps and donate the dolls to children who have been displaced as a result of war.

“The Silent Dolls” exhibition can be seen at the Tehran Peace Museum until Monday 1 June 2015. The exhibition is open during the hours of 9 am to 1pm and 2.30 pm until 5 pm and admission is free.

To see photos of the event click here.