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Master Shahram Nazeri Visits TPM

Shahram NazeriShahram Nazeri, one of Iran’s most highly acclaimed traditional tenor singers, visited the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) on Tuesday 19 May 2015. Mr. Nazeri made this special visit after accepting an invitation from the volunteers and chemical weapons survivors at the museum. 


Master Nazeri, a household name in Iran and renowned expert in Kurdish, Persian Classical and Sufi music, spent two hours at the TPM familiarizing himself with the consequences and impacts of chemical warfare used in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988).

“All that I have heard from you is more visible for me,” Master Nazeri said, “and the simple reason is I come from Kermanshah, a city in which I have personally seen and experienced all these horrible facts.”

On his personalized tour of the museum, Master Nazeri was given detailed information about the chemical weapons used in the Iran-Iraq War as well as other global conflicts by the survivors themselves. The musical master commented on the unique approach of having survivors share their personal experiences with visitors about the consequences of weapons of mass destruction.

“The way you explained all these facts to me,” added Master Nazeri, “was a scientific, accurate, eloquent, and simple way with which with your presence here as living witnesses can only serve to attract and convince any visitor.”


To see the photos of this visit please click here.