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“Bag of Rice” Director Visits Tehran Peace Museum


TalebiMohammad-Ali Talebi - better known for his famous films made specifically for children – made a special visit to the Tehran Peace Museum on 21 April 2015 to find out more about the Chemical Weapons Survivors of the Iran-Iraq War.  
The director of "Bag of Rice", "The Boots", and “The City of Mice" spent two hours at the museum and was overwhelmed by the number of chemical weapons survivors present who volunteer as guides.  Mr. Talebi listened to the courageous stories of the survivors as they shared their war experiences and how their lives have been shaped by the consequences of chemical weapons.
Mr. Talebi shared the recent tragic loss of his son and accepted the condolences of the TPM’s members and volunteers.  Ms. Koniko Yamamura, the museum’s Japanese-Iranian volunteer, expressed her sadness at Mr. Talebi’s loss and spoke to Mr. Talebi about how she coped with the loss of her son who was killed in action the Iran-Iraq War.  Ms. Yamamura disclosed that the loss of her son in warfare encouraged her to dedicate her life to peace activism.

To see the photos of this visit please click here.