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Hiroshima Reflections


Someone once said, “A message needs to be written if it is to be shared.”


And this is certainly true of two recent publications launched jointly by the Tehran Peace Museum at the HozehHonari in Tehran on April 13th 2015.


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Launch of Hiroshima Diaries and Journey Recounted by Coughs
Mr. HedayatollahBehboodi’sJourney to the Burnt Island - Hiroshima Diariesand Mr. Hamid Hesam’sJourney Recounted by Coughs - a Hiroshima Traveloguewere launched at this special event conducted by renowned Iranian actor, Mr. ParvizParastoui. These two books are the culmination of the authors’ reflections after they visited Hiroshima in 2012 and 2013 as part of a delegation from the Tehran Peace Museum.



These deeply personal stories chart the journeys of two men familiar with the consequences of chemical weapons used against Iranian soldiers and civilians during the Imposed War. As we delve into their thoughts, we follow their journey of understanding about the victims of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima on 6th of August 1945 in the final days of World War II.


Mr. Behboodi’s book is now available in Persian and English and Mr. Hesam’s travelogue has been published in both Persian and Japanese.