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Halabja: 27th Anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Attack

Tehran Peace Museum Declaration

As the years pass by, the seed of hope grows steadily in the heart of Halabja, reflecting the strength and spirit of life.

It was 27 years ago, during the last days of winter, that the chaos of war changed the course of Halabja’s history.  White and gray gas exploded and spreaded the elixir of death throughout the city.

First came the skin burns.  Then the breathing slowed down.  Then it stopped.  Women and children stared ahead – unseeing – at the seeds in the ground.

The seeds of hope.  The innocence. Halabja.

Then the cameras came.  They recorded one of the most notorious crimes against humanity.  And, out of Halabja, the soul of humanity cries out the voices of the innocent dead. Hence, the name of Halabja will not be limited by this vision - pain, suffering and sorrow.

Halabja is, for all eternity, etched on the mountaintop of hope.

But, Halabja is not a mere memory.  The life of Halabja has not been stopped by time.

Peace activists all over the world, who listen to and understand the message of Halabja, are raising their voices.  Voices of peace share the pain of Halabja, in the hope that it will never happen again.

The Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support and the Tehran Peace Museum are amongst those voices, promoting a culture of peace and friendship.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the horrors of war – like Halabja – to current and future generations.  Through learning about the tragedy of Halabja, we can teach empathy, understanding and a need for all of us to build a peaceful world together.

With the advent of Spring, the Tehran Peace Museum extends their affection and love to the warm-hearted people of Halabja.

We wish you long lasting peace.