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Publication of the Statement on the Impact of Sanctions on Iran’s Environment

EnvironmentOn Sunday 17th November 2013, the Tehran Peace Museum shared a recently published statement by a group of active NGOs about peace and the environment.

The statement focused on the impact of sanctions on Iran’s environment. Dr. Esmaeil Kahrom, an environmental activist and consultant to the Head of the Department of Environment, gave a brief speech and then delivered this statement on behalf of the NGO Representatives.

In this statement, the NGO representatives shared their research on the impact of sanctions on a number of environmental domains such as climate, water, soil, the distinction of different types of plants and animals, etc. The NGO representatives asked for the abolition of sanctions, which have placed people in difficult circumstances, placing their lives, and the physical and psychological health of the society at large, in danger.

To see the photos of this event please click here.

To read the statement please click here.