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Report: Chairperson and members of “MOCT” association of Hiroshima visited Iran

MOCT2The chairperson and a group of members of MOCT association of Hiroshima visited Iran on 12-16 October 2013.

Mrs. Shizuko Tsuya, Chairperson of MOCT, and a delegation of MOCT’s members traveled to Iran to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the exchange program between MOCT and the Iranian SCWVS (Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support) -which has founded Tehran Peace Museum. During these five days of stay, the delegation hosted by the museum, and have attended in several meetings to discuss on ways of continue this collaboration and exchange programs; and have visited several CW victims and survivors in Tehran and Hamadan.

It has been 10 years that a delegation from MOCT attend in the memorial ceremony for Victims of Chemical Warfar on 29 June each year; and invite a delegation from Tehran Peace Museum and SCWVS to attend the in Hiroshima peace memorial ceremony on the anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on 6th of August.