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Opening ceremony of the exhibition “Let me Breathe”

The opening ceremony of the exhibition "Let Me Breathe" took place on February 26, 2024, drawing a crowd of notable figures, including the ambassador of Japan and representatives for the UN. This exhibition pays tribute to five pioneering women scientists and artists who made significant contributions in Europe in the early 20th century. Dr. Clara Immerwahr from Germany, Dr. Gertrud Woker from Switzerland, Dr. Naima Sahlbom from Sweden, as well as Frida Perlen and Käthe Kollwitz from Germany, are being celebrated for their efforts to raise awareness about the dire consequences of using chemical weapons.
The ceremony commenced with the reading of a message from Professor Van Den Dungen, a well-known peace historian and the founder of the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP). Following this, Seyyed Ahmad Mohit Tabatabai, president of ICOM Iran, delivered a speech highlighting the pivotal role of women in Iranian history and emphasizing their significance in the economic and social spheres.
After the formal ceremony, attendees were invited to visit the exhibition at the Tehran Peace Museum’s Gallery. For this exhibition, the efforts of these pioneering women have been showcased through posters and a collection of unique books and documents generously donated by Professor Peter van den Dungen, the founder of the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP).

The exhibition will remain open to the public until March 11th at the Tehran Peace Museum, providing an opportunity for visitors to learn more about inspiring stories of these women and their enduring legacy in the fight against chemical weapons.

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