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Report of an event: an introduction to the OPCW



A training session on “Introduction to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons - OPCW -" was held on Wednesday, August 9 at the Tehran Peace Museum. This half-day, hybrid (in person/virtual) meeting was attended by over 40 participants, with the aim of increasing public awareness about The objectives, structure and performance of the OPCW, as well as familiarization with job opportunities and internship program in this international organization..

 The program started with a video message from the Head of Public Affairs and Spokesperson of the OPCW, Ms. Elizabeth Vaechter who provided brief information about the OPCW, its priorities and the role of civil society in promoting its goals, then Dr. Shahriar Khatari, the former OPCW senior officer, delivered a presentation regarding the history and structure of the OPCW, as well as the use of chemistry in wars and the importance of its peaceful use, followed by a presentation by the representative of the National Authority for the Chemical Weapons Convention -CWC - , Ministry of Foreign Affairs on technical and political aspects of the CWC and its national implementation. Then, Mehrdad Habibi, former OPCW inspector explained about the organization's verification / inspection system and the life of an OPCW inspector and then Ms. M. Jahangiri, a former OPCW intern, spoke about her experience regarding this internship and how to apply for internship in the organization, finally Mr. Hojat Barna, who is currently doing an internship in the OPCW in The Hague provided valuable information about his internship experience in a video.

 At the end, certificates of attendance were presented to the participants.

 To know the next program of this series of meetings in the near future, regularly check the website of the Peace Museum...