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Theater & Dialogue

Come and join us for an experience of how we can use Theatre as a means of communication!

In this 3 hours long hybrid workshop, we will share as a group, explore our senses and enter into dialogue with images that we create with our bodies. We will also learn about the Indian way of working with emotions in Theatre. The methods we will use will be Image Theatre, Games, and Exercises to relate to one another, ourselves, and action and reflection.

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Prior experience is not required. 

Please bring yourself and comfortable clothes!

The event aligns with the “Art for Peace” program of the Tehran Peace Museum and is intended to promote a culture of peace among various audiences.

Dr. Birgit Fritz is a theatre pedagogue and drama therapist, she lives in Austria and works internationally with different groups and communities (Basque Country, Germany, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan….). She is also the author of the Theater handbook, called InExActArt. 



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