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The memorial ceremony of Ms. Saba Bababae (Kuniko Yamamura), a peace activist at the Tehran Peace Museum was held

Message of condolences by Dr. Shizuku Tsuya (Director of MOCT Non-Profit Association from Hiroshima - Japan) and Hamid Hessam were read by Mr. Mohammad Reza Taqipour Moghadam (Director of Tehran Peace Museum). 

Then, Mr. Ali Jalali Farahani, one of the active chemical veterans in the Tehran Peace Museum, shared his experiences of cooperation with Ms. Bababae. This part was followed by a short documentary film titled "Mother of Peace" on the efforts of Saba Bababi at TPM was played.

Later, the Director of Iranian Secretariat of International council of museum (ICOM), Mr. Mohit Tabatabai, presented a letter of appreciation to Ms.Bababae’s family to honor her valuable efforts to promote peace culture. 

The grandson of Saba Bababae, Mr. Mohammad Bababi, shared memories of hers. At the end of the ceremony, the guests paid tributes by dedicating flowers to Ms. Bababae's desk at TPM.