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Commemorating the National Day of Victims of Chemical and Microbial Weapons and the 35th Anniversary of the Chemical Attack on Sardasht "From tears to hope"

In this message, the importance of awareness about chemical attack on Sardasht and its consequences on the people was emphasized. 

Next, a video titled “Hiva”, made by Behnaz Monfared, a volunteer of the Tehran Peace Museum, which is based on the story of women victims of chemical weapons, was also broadcast. 

In the next part, two chemical veterans gave testimony on their lives and the effects of chemical weapons on their health. Mr. Asdaullah Mohammadi, volunteer guide of the Tehran Peace Museum, and Mr. Malkari a civilian survivor of Sardasht gas attack. 

Finally, after 1 minute of silence, as a gesture of respect and remembrance, a flower dedicating ceremony was held at the peace memorial in the center of City Park in memory of all chemical warfare victims.