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An Evening at TPM Making Felted Finger Covers


Phubbing is the act of ignoring someone you are with and giving attention to your mobile phone instead.


Nowadays, we are living in an era with a high impression of technology on our life. The significant role of smart phones is inevitable. According to the statistics on the of usage of smart phones, 26% of cell phone owners use their phone more than 7 hours and check it more than 150 times per day which is equivalent to each 5 minutes. Therefore, it will be great to spend some time without smart phone.

Tehran Peace Museum organized a friendly meeting in this regard and invited people, mostly youths to have conversation with each other and make some felted finger covers together instead of using phone. By putting on these finger covers they were unable to touch their phone screen, so they tried to reduce the time they spend on their phone and allocated more time to social interactions.

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Photos by: Mohammad Arshia Aliyoldashi