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The memorial Ceremony of Mr. Ahmad Zangiabadi was held in TPM

Ahmad-Zangi-abadiThe memorial Ceremony of Mr. Ahmad ZangiAbadi was held in Tehran Peace Museum on December 3rd, 2014. Mr Ahmad Zangiabadi, CW victims and volunteer member of Tehran Peace Museum and SCWVS, died of respiratory collapse on Tuesday (18 November 2014) .
In this event, some of his friends who are also suffering from the Mustard gas exposure, recounted their memories with him. Some short clips of him were displayed, as well. At the end, Mr. Zangiabadi's widow thanked all the participants for their presence.

To see the photos of this event, please click here.
You can read a short article on his life, on TPM's Oral History's page or on the website of United Nations in Iran with the UN resident coordinator's introduction.
UN Website Link.