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TPM Appreciation to Dr. Matthias Jochheim

Dr-MatthiasOn Saturday 1 November 2014, a group of Chemical Weapons Victims, Peace Activists, physicians and volunteer members of SCWVS (Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support) and Tehran Peace Museum, thanked Dr. Matthias Jochheim -German physician who was visiting Iran on vacation with the company of her daughter- in Tehran Peace Museum.

In this program representatives from Tehran Peace Museum, SCWVS, Iranian affiliate of IPPNW (International Physicians to Prevention of Nuclear War), volunteers and CW victims appreciated Dr. Jochheim’s help to provide necessary medications for CW victims; with the dedication of a note of appreciation and a plaque by TPM and CW victims.

Dr. Matthias Jochheim is a German physician and peace activists, who despite all those unilateral sanctions, provided some necessary medications for the Iranian CW victims last year and send those medicines to Iran. He was one of the delegates who traveled to Iran with a delegation of IPPNW two years ago and met with a group of CW victims who work as volunteers in Tehran Peace Museum.

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