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Second Model UN/UN Security Council simulation at Tehran Peace Museum

Isj-2014The second UN Security Council simulation (UN Model) was held at Tehran Peace Museum on 18 September 2014. It was co-organized by the International Studies Journal (ISJ) in cooperation with UNIC (United Nations Information Center). More than 30 graduate and post graduate students of international relations and law as well as political science from different universities from across Iran participated in the simulation which addressed the issue ofthe situation in Ukraine.
Tehran –Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mohammad JavadZarif said here that from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s point of view, organizing simulations – in particular the Model United Nations Security Council practice – is very important and useful.
In his message the Foreign Minister added that professors, researchers and students of international relations and law should benefit from simulation techniques in addition to their official academic education.
Veteran Foreign Ministry Diplomat and one the members of the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s “Panel of Eminent Persons on Civil Society and UN Relationships” Dr. BaqerAssadi was the honorary guest of the simulation who chaired the Security Council. Also Head of UNOCHA Humanitarian Assistance Team in Iran Hamid Nazari attended the simulation and guided the participants on the humanitarian issues regarding Ukraine and he elaborated on some points for the best way of conducting a MUN.
In his address to the Model United Nations (MUN), UN Resident Coordinator, Gary Lewis said that was important for students to go beyond adopting the “persona” of the country they were representing.  
The one-day session that was the third in the series of MUNs organized by UNIC and ISJ since 2012 (Second held in the Tehran Peace Museum), concluded with the adoption of a resolution. Also it was decided to set up a contact group composed of representatives of France, China and the UN Secretary-General to find a solution for the question of Ukraine.
To see the photos of this event, please click here.