Message by the PNND on 29 April memorial ceremony

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Statement on the occasion of the

International Day of Remembrance for all victims of Chemical warfare


For the memorial ceremony  in Tehran Peace Museum 29 April 2012


On behalf of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, I extend deepest respects to all those from Iran who have suffered from the devastating effects of chemical weapons use.

Regardless of the background to conflicts that unfortunately sometimes lead to war, there is never any justification for the use of inhumane and illegal weapons, like chemical weapons, that cause longterm and unnecessary suffering to combatants and indiscriminate harm to civilians. Your horrific experience must never be forgotten and never again repeated.

PNND stands alongside you in calling for global ban on all weapons of mass destruction, and for regional efforts such as a Middle East Zone Free from Nuclear Weapons and all other Weapons of Mass Destruction.

So far, over 200 parliamentarians from more than 40 countries, including some from countries in the region in conflict with Iran, have endorsed a Joint Parliamentary Statement for a Middle East Zone Free from Nuclear Weapons and all other Weapons of Mass Destruction, a non-discriminatory and diplomatic approach to addressing the issue.

We invite legislators from Iran to join us in endorsing the statement. We invite civil society and government representatives to join with others around the world to build momentum and action to achieve this goal.


Yours in peace


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Alyn Ware

Global Coordinator

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament

29 APRIL 2012