Tehran Peace Museum representatives attending in the Seventh Congress of Combat and Trauma Medicine at Khuzestan

TPM representatives attended in seventh national congress of Combat and Trauma Medicine at Khuzestan. Many physicians, specialists, professors and scholars took part in this congress which was held in Ahwaz, Abadan, and Khoramshahr from February 21st to 23rd.

Meanwhile attending at congress in field hospital "Ali-Ebn Abi-Taleb" in Abadan on February 22nd, TPM representatives presented the scientific findings regarding chemical survivors lives and their families in final panel of the conference in English language for the physicians, professors and Iranian and foreign medicine students . The documentary"Pakbazan" was as well displayed. This documentary narrates the Public Health Department activities path from the beginning of war on the basis of the narratives of holy-defense senior authorities of medicine and treatment era.

The fifth ceremony of offering the national award of Dr. Rahnemoun was also held on the margins of the conference at Shahid Bakeri camp of Khoramshahr on February 23rd, with the presence of governmental authorities and TPM representatives. The national award of Dr. Rahnamoun, with the cultural and scientific approach, is offered to top figures of medicine, and medical treatment and training era. Nineteen top figures of medicine era were awarded in this ceremony. Furthermore, The book titled" Rahnamoun"; the eighteenth book of the divine-physicians book series was released. This book is "the Documentary of the Dr. Mohammad Ali Rahnamoun Life" and depicts the different stages of his life from childhood till death, based on friends and acquaintances narratives. As well, the War Museum of KhoramShahr was previously visited.

In the final section of the program , the guests including TPM representatives visited the war-torn areas "Arvand" and "Shalamcheh". Meanwhile, the foreign students of medicine in Tehran University who had attended the conference, got familiar with TPM and its activities.