The message of Tehran Peace Museum on the occasion of International Day of Peace


The message of Tehran Peace Museum on the occasion of International Day of Peace (21 September 2016)


TPM-LogoAgain, this year we commemorate International Peace Day while in many parts of the world including Yemen, Iraq and Syria and many other countries people are deprived from the blessings of peace and security and we witness the tragic humanitarian disasters caused by the greed of individuals and groups; Today not many parts of the world are safe from such disasters and peace is a vulnerable concept of this century considering that.

Admittedly peace is a word that all the people around the world have to understand it in same sense in order to communicate with each other with a common language; language of portion, benevolence and reconciliation. Because peace is an attitude that comes out of feelings, love and intellectuality.

We also have the benefit of Islamic-Iranian rich culture in which dignified peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness are inseparable parts. They are irretrievably rooted in the Holy Qur'an, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, Imams and the Iranians culture of tolerance and understanding; Dialogue instead of war, peace instead of violence, tolerance rather than intolerance and forgiveness instead of revenge have always been our language of engagement with the world.

While commemorating this day, we declare that we peruse achieving a common understanding of peace and promoting various aspects of it such as peace with oneself and with the others, peace with the environments and finally peace with the world which are the necessities of having a sustainable peace as the common goal of the humanity. Our methods are scientific and cultural activities based on lessons of divined religions, especially the holly Islam and we reach our hands for the help of elites, scholars and other NGOs. Today we are determined more than any other time and we are committed to play our role in this regards.