Sharing personal experiences surrounding war in Iran and Bosnia-and-Herzegovina


JJ-IRAN-Bosnia-timA discussion session focused on individual experiences surrounding war in Iran and Bosnia-and-Herzegovina was held at Tehran Peace Museum.


A group of veterans of Iran-Iraq war accompanied by volunteers from Tehran Peace Museum participated in the session that featured two peace activists from Bosnia Herzegovina and Switzerland. The group held a discussion around the Iran-Iraq war and the cold war in former Yugoslavia and shared their personal experiences of the events. During the comparative session, causes and reasons behind the wars, casualties (both civilians and military), international reactions as well as short-term and long-term consequences of both wars were discussed. 

The guests learnt more about details of the Iran-Iraq war such as the consequences of chemical weapons used against Iranians. The second part of the session, included an emphasis on the role of war-veterans and how they can help in promoting awareness and educating the next generation; the significant role of NGOs and the effect of social activities were also look at throughout the session.