Tehran Peace Museum Mourns the Loss of an Influential Artist

KiaroustamiIranian renowned film director and screenwriter, Abbas Kiarostami whom movies acclaimed worldwide by critics and audiences, passed away on July 4th, 2016 due to sickness.

This prominent film maker, film editor, photographer and poet visited Tehran Peace Museum in 2014 and got to know the guides of the museum whom are the survivors of chemical weapons and enriched his knowledge about their volunteer activities to raise awareness about the consequences of war and promoting a culture of peace. " I wish there were at least 50 peace museums established all over Iran so everyone could feel the joy of discovering everlasting facts through the first hand experiences of the victims of the chemical weapons." he said in this visit.

Since the beginning of its establishment, Tehran Peace Museum, has screened his " Two Solutions for One Problem " short movie for its children and teenager visitors as a part of its educational package during their visits.