Report: “Peace means…”, the drawings exhibition of Iranian children


On 13-15 February 2016 the Tehran Peace Museum in collaboration with the Hadis Educational Centre for Children, held to their seventh joint project of a peace drawing exhibition of Iranian children’s art works.

The “Peace means…” exhibition took place in the Gallery No. 4 of Tehran’s Andisheh Cultural Center and has been widely seen by spectators from different groups of people such as children and their family members, members and active volunteers of Tehran Peace Museum, Dr. Shizuko Tsuya and her colleagues from “MOCT”, the Japanese NPO based in Hiroshima; as well as Dr. Will Parks, United Nations Children’s Fund (unicef) Representative in Iran.
The exhibition was a collection of the drawings of 32 children (aged between 6 to 9 years old) who have tried to describe what “Peace” means for them by their art works.


The 31st exhibition of the Hadis Educational Center for Children, is a new collaboration of Hadis and the Tehran Peace Museum, aiming to promote the culture of peace and friendship.

This exhibition is the seventh joint project between the Hadis Educational Center for Children and the Tehran Peace Museum. To the date the peace drawings of talented children Hida Bahmani, Kimia Sadat Hashemi and Yas Rostampour, the award winners of the Children’s Peace Drawing Competition of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, have received the honors and awards such as Distinction Hiroshima Mayor's Prize, Award of Honor from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum as well as some prizes from the Tehran Peace Museum. The Hadis Educational Center for Children is honored that all these talented children used to be its students.