The seminar on “Legal Aspects of Anfal Operation” in the TPM

anfal-newsThe seminar on “Legal Aspects of Anfal Operation” was held in the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) in October 28th, 2015. In this seminar, Dr. Asa’ad Ardalan and Dr. Seyed Ghasem Zamani discussed this issue, after Mr. Shayan Seyed Ahmadi presented a summary of his M.A dissertation for his post graduate studies in International Law with the same topic. Representatives of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG) were among the participants.


In this seminar, Mr. Seyed Ahmadi presented his dissertation for the participants, answering the following questions according to the Rome statute:


1-       Which international norms and regulation have been violated during this operation?

2-       Was the Saddam Hussein and his accomplices’ trial held in accordance with the international law?


After this presentation, the historical and philosophical roots of this issue were discussed by Dr. Ardalan. “Due to Saddaam’s execution, before the end of his trial,” said Dr. Ardalan “we cannot access the whole facts about this operation”.


“The prosecution of the perpetrators of these crimes” said Dr. Zamani “is still possible, if there is the will amongst the governments”.


Mr. Seyed Ahmadi dedicated a copy of his dissertation to the TPM at the end of the seminar, which is now available in the museum’s Peace Library.